Once I start to get my feet back on the ground and have a steady income again, I plan on launching some different items. This is a long-term work in progress but items will be added as they are developed. All items mentioned on my GoFundMe page will be available for purchase in the future.


My first focus will be on a panic attack bracelet of sorts. When I am having a panic attack, I sometimes need to be told I’m having one. My first product will be a simple band reminding myself (and others who wear it) to breathe. Anyone who donates to the GoFundMe Page will automatically get one once I order (there is no estimated time frame for these, just whenever I’m able to afford a bulk purchase.)

This is a very rough draft of the design of the bracelet:wristband

There will be an assortment of colors available and different messages on the inside as well. I will update as I progress, but this is still a few months away. I need to get my life in order first. 🙂